Lucky has been in the cycling world for well over 20 years. His love for the sport goes beyond racing.  He also focuses on the advocacy and pure enjoyment of riding. When Lucky does race he is a CAT1 that focuses on the endurance MTB scene, including six hour races, 12-hour races and 100 milers. But like the roots of his cycling show, he just likes to have fun on the bike and push himself  to always be a better cyclist.

When not on the bike, Lucky takes part in all outdoor activities including hiking, climbing and archery. For work, he is an artist focusing on colored pencil or oil paint portraits and illustrations. In addition, he is also a photographer and Senior designer.

“I hope you all get to ride on the trail with me soon and enjoy the lifestyle of mountain biking!”

Tragically, Lucky’s last race was at Applecross on Nov. 4, 2017. Shortly after the race, Lucky suffered a massive heart attack that later took his life. He was a close friend to everyone on Team Hb Hilltop and will be greatly missed.

Rest in Peace, Lucky.