What does a washed up soccer player do to stay in shape after tearing 3 ACL’s on one leg and then one on the other? Well with tree trunk legs and arms the size of toothpicks, cycling kinda went hand-in-hand. It really was the only strenuous activity that didn’t leave Phil in obvious pain the next day. Within a few weeks of trading in short shorts for spandex, Phil was hooked. He started out as a fairly successful roadie with climbing prowess, but quickly realized he didn’t fit in to that regimented crowd. He felt isolated from the others and their endless talk about diet, training, and average watt output. He really didn’t understand any of it. Phil just wanted to get out of the house, switch off his mind, and enjoy a nice day out on the bike. Phil was always keeping in mind the important stuff, like, “Who is up for some pizza and a few pints to wash it all down with upon the conclusion of this ride?” He didn’t have any time for that other nonsense.

Due to Phil’s hatred of clean bicycles, his inclination for finding dirt or gravel on every ride, and his disdain towards baby butt smooth shaved male legs, Phil gave up the road riding and started competing in cyclocross. He took the NJ State title in his first season and was later successful in the fat bike category of the local short-track and H2H series races. He then got a true mountainbike and started dabbling in the CAT 2 H2H MTB series. Since then, Phil’s results quickly leveled off. Some say that it is due to most of his time being devoted to raising his beautiful baby daughter, Libby, with his wife Becky. Others say he’s just lost his mojo and passion for the sport. However, Phil will say that he has just been faking this mediocrity and is ready to take this next mountainbike season by storm and fully anticipates this season to be a complete success.

Phil resides in Mountainside, NJ with his wife Becky and his daughter Libby. He is a medical physicist who specializes in planning radiation therapy treatments at Memorial Sloan Kettering. Whether through treating cancer, volunteering, or being proactive in the local cycling community, Phil is devoted to making the lives of those around him more enjoyable and most importantly… more fun!