Ryan has been riding bikes since he was a kid, but first got lured into competitive mountain bike racing in 2005. He favors long-distance endurance races (6hr, 24hr, 50mi, 100mi) but still frequents the H2H cross-country series, at which he has had a few top-5 overall finishes. Ryan currently races at a Pro/Cat1 level and can usually be found training for the longer races he enjoys so much. He has had three top-10 finishes at the Fools Gold 100, Mohican 100, and the Tatanka 100, as well as multiple top-5 finishes at Stewart Six Pack, 6 Hours of Warrior Creek, 6 Hours of Cathedral Pines, Tuscarora Endurance Race, Rattling Creek 50, 12 Hours of Cranky Monkey, DarkHorse 40, and the 24 Hours of Allamuchy.

Apart from racing, Ryan loves giving back to the mountain biking community.  Leading rides, trail maintenance, and skill workshops are a blast for him to attend or teach. Ryan feels that it helps build a sense of community and appreciation for all of the good days on the bike and on the amazing trails around New Jersey.  In his own words, “A bad day on the bike beats a good day at work – anytime.  Miles and smiles are what it’s all about.”

Ryan lives in Denville with his wife Antonella and his daughter Louisa. He is a high school math teacher and is a coach of the ski racing team at West Milford High School.