If you had asked him 15 years ago if he would  ever wear spandex in public, Tyler would have laughed in your face.

Well, now he’s here doing just that, having traded in his old school baggie shorts for racing skin suits, carbon fiber frames and fat tires. Tyler has his close friends, Ryan Heerschap and Bob Stegle to thank for that!

Initially, Tyler found his legs riding in group rides on the road which eventually transitioned into cyclocross racing. He never really enjoyed the monotony of the long endurance road rides and thats what drew him towards the fast paced down and dirty CX racing.  In Tyler’s own words, “The more mud and sand the better. And who couldnt use a little more cowbell?”

It was only a matter of time before a Fat Bike was added to his quiver of bikes. He’s back for a second season racing in the H2H mtn series and is enjoying every moment of it.

Tyler enjoys sharing the experience with his wife and 2 young kids and can’t wait until his son is ready for his first CX race!